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Hello Josie!

By July 21, 2017 animals, Dogs

We have a new puppy.  We adopted from the Animal Shelter in Terrell and she is a sweetie.  They think she is Australian Cattle dog/Blue Heeler mix.  She is smart!  She plays fetch, sits, crates and is scared of Calli the cat.  It is very sad!  She peeks around to see where the cat is before she will move to far!  We have had to corral the cat in order to get Josie to walk through the house.  They think she will be six months old in September and we have her scheduled to be spayed, part of our adoption fee!

We are taking her in to the vet to have her checked out and her second shot set given.  I love her to death and she is full of energy.  Our other dogs are moving faster these days to keep up!  Georgie girl is still the established Alpha or Beta since I’m the alpha.

I’ve attached a pic or two!


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A Broken Heart

By July 21, 2017 animals, Dogs

I know I’ve shared pictures of Sioux, my Anatolian Shepherd in other posts.  She was a magnificent dog.  On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, she passed away in our living room, in the late afternoon.   It is difficult for me even as I sit here and write this.  Sioux was such a part of our lives and even though she shed a lot and was sometimes a roadblock where we were walking, I miss her!

One night this week, after I had fallen asleep, I heard her bark!  I sat upright in the bed.  Norman, asked what was wrong.  I said, “Did you hear the dog bark?”  He touched my arm and said I was dreaming.  I know that was Sioux though.  Sioux was 11 in June.  I know big dogs don’t live as long as smaller dogs, but we had just had her checked out in May, mothers day to be exact and she was fine. Some Arthritis, but nothing that should have killed her.

We got a new puppy and Josie is wonderful.  She will never take Sioux’s place in my heart, but she is making her own place.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Alpha Mom

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Would You Make The Call

By April 25, 2017 animals, Crazy Rants, General

So I’m just curious how people react when they see a child or an elderly person being mistreated or not being cared for properly.  Do you make that phone call to Protective Services?  Do you alert the authorities to what you have seen or what you think is taking place?

I was in Walmart and saw a child being jerked by his arm, by his father.  It wasn’t just  once to get the child to walk beside him, the father was doing it constantly and I wasn’t the only one that was witnessing it. The child was crying and you could tell he was in pain.  I wanted to call CPS but I was in the middle of Walmart shopping for some quick items and didn’t have my phone.  What would you do?

Lately, on Facebook and the news there have been videos of elderly people being abused by caretakers at assisted living facilities or nursing homes.  I’ve often wondered, if the people that were shooting the video was reporting it to APS -Adult Protective Services.  If you saw or visited a home or received a message or a phone call from someone stating that an elderly family member was not being taken care of properly or was being abused or neglected, would you make that call?  Would you make that call if the caretakers just couldn’t properly help the elderly person or family member?  It doesn’t even have to be an elderly person but just someone in the family.  Would you or could you make that call on a friend or another family member or just someone you are witnessing in the store?

If you saw an animal tied outside, or chain, without water or feed, in bad weather or even in good weather, what would you do?  I would probably get arrested for trespassing because I would not be able to walk away.  Its just like people being abuse or neglected.  If you are responsible for an animal, it is part of your family, take care of it that way.

Abuse and neglect are serious regardless of the situation, be it a family member, a friend or a stranger.  No one should ever be abused and that includes animals.  Neglect is the same thing.  However, if you sign up to take care of someone  or a pet and then realize you are in over your head, you should reach out for help, call social services or call animal control for whatever it is, person or animal.  Don’t just ignore the situation until you can’t get it fixed or under control.

Alpha Mom


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Calli the Calico Cat

By April 21, 2017 animals, Cats, General, Treats for the Litter

My oldest cat, Calli, was about 3 weeks old when we found her.  It took almost 2 hours, a can of tuna, and a can of milk for me to catch her.  She had a big hole in her side when we caught her and I took her to the vet as soon as I could get her in.

Dooley, my long hair Chihuahua, took Calli under his wing and raised her basically.  Calli slept in his crate with him, and she learned to use the doggie dog, by going out at the same time as the big dog, under her belly.  So something that amazes most people is that I have a crate trained cat.  More amazing is that she knows that bed time is sometime between 7:30 and 8:3 pm most nights.  Calli actually comes and gets me to put her to bed.  LOL  I know!  Anyway, the one issue that we do have is that she doesn’t understand “the weekend”.

During the week, she wakes up sometime between 4:30 and 5:00am and occasionally, 3:45.  This is okay, because I can either go ahead and get up or lay back down for 30 minutes to an hour, depending.  However, on Saturday morning, Calli still wakes up at 4:30.  Sometimes if I give her the weekend talk, she will stay until 5:30 or maybe six, but most of the time it is 4:30 or earlier.  Its like she knows I don’t have to go anywhere.

I feed her at the time I let her out.  She gets wet food once a day.  If I do that, then sometimes she will leave me alone and I can sleep.  But if she is not in the mood, she walks on me, makes biscuits, or sits on the bed and meows.  I really think it just to see how long I will put up with her.

So if anyone has any ideas on how to “weekend train” a crazy crate trained cat, I would love the suggestions.

Have a great weekend!

Alpha Mom

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Adoption, Rescue or Purchase

By April 21, 2017 animals, General, Treats for the Litter

Weird title I know, but it is in regards to pets.  Do you go and adopt puppies or kittens from Petsmart, or Petco or Petland or where ever they have pet adoptions?  Do you look to see what kind of rescues are in the area and check  to see what pets they might have available? Or are you the type that goes straight to a breeder and picks out a puppy?  There really isn’t a right or wrong answer here, but I think you should consider all the possibilities when looking for  a new pet.  I support three or four different organizations that deal with animals.  ASPCA, Texas SPCA, Kindness Ranch and IWF.  I try to give them each something every month.  Even if only a couple of dollars from the donations goes to things for the animals, it is still better than nothing.

The boarding place that I use, has a man that runs a rescue.  We looked at the pictures every time I went up to see the dogs and cats while they were being boarded.  I raised beagles for over 7 years and loved every minute of it.  It was very hard to give up my first litter of pups, but I did.

One of my greatest wishes is to be able to open a  rescue.  I can’t where we currently live and of course I’m at the limit for the number of pets I can have.  Most of my dogs are the same age.  Two are 11 and 12 years old and the littlest is 8.  I know I will start losing them soon and it breaks my heart, but I will find new ones to open my heart to and I will start with rescues and shelters and then move to adoption places.  I’m not sure I will go to a breeder unless I go for something that is too rare to find at either of those places.  There are so many animals that need homes.  It breaks my heart every time I see one on the side of the road.  If you are going to just drop a dog or a cat out in the country, you are better off putting a bullet in it.  At least it won’t starve or get hit by a car or eaten by predators.

Here are some links to the rescues/organizations I support:

Have a great weekend!

Alpha Mom

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Tiny Horses

By April 19, 2017 animals, Dogs, Uncategorized

Growing up I had a Shetland pony whose name was Mitzi.  The most I remember about her was being almost kicked in the head.  My grandfather punched her in the jaw.  She wasn’t hurt and neither was his hand.

I’ve been around cows, sheep, goats, ducks, geese, horses and pigs often in my life.  My brat sister currently raises Nigerian  dwarf  goats and they are really cute. I want one of those too!  First Pic is Bucky!  He was her first goat.

I often miss living in the country, not that I’m living in a big city now, but I can’t have any additional animals. 

Yesterday,  as my husband was driving through Kaufman, he took a couple of pictures of some Shetland pony foals.  They are as cute as they can be!  I asked him if he could get one in the truck and was it small enough to use the doggie door!  LOL! 

His response was, “They aren’t as big as Sioux.” Sioux is the second picture.

Anyway, with all the stress that I’m currently going through, Norman, my husband said he thought it might make me smile to see the babies, and it did! 


Alpha Mom


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Fur Babies Room

By April 14, 2017 animals, Cats, Dogs, General

Last year in February we discovered a leak in the pipes running through our slab.  All the flooring in the living room, dining room, hallway, small bedroom and master suite had to be pulled up, slab dried and now we are just finishing the flooring.  All the plumbing under the house was replaced all the way to the street hookup.  It was not fun!  We spent 4 months in a motel, dogs/cats were boarded at Pappy’s Pet Lodge in Rockwall (highly recommend) and that was life until September.

Anyway, since we were remodeling against our will, we move some things around.  The dogs/cats were moved to the small bedroom and we are using the closet system for crates for the two cats and the chihuahua. It is the first pic in the gallery above.

The shelves above the crates are used for treats, cat food and dog snacks.  Also grooming items, extra collars and sweaters for the cold times of the year.

We also put a wire crate in the corner for the Schnauzer because she is so scared of storms and loud noises, that she knows she can go here and be safe. You can find her there even when she is not scared!

We also put a bed in for the big dog Sioux.  It is the size of a twin bed.  It is the last pic in the gallery.

It is more convenient now and at bedtime everyone knows where to go!  We put the old buffet in since Calli knows that is where her food is, a shelf below the window seal so the cats can look out and eat treats!  The idea for the closet system for the crates was something I saw on Facebook.  People are taking old tables and making crates underneath!  Check it out!  It keeps the fur babies safe and secure and you can keep them out of the way during parties and family get togethers!

Alpha Mom

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Spring is in the Air

By April 7, 2017 animals

As I have mentioned, I love animals.  We have 3 dogs and 2 cats and I’m always trying to get my husband to let me have more.  Unfortunately, where we currently live, you are only allowed 3, but since the cats come and go, I don’t count them. They are indoor/outdoor and they use the doggie doors we have installed.  My youngest cat, is a cross between a Persian and a tabby.  She looks like she has white fur boots on her back legs and white socks on her toes in the front.  I didn’t really adopt either cat on purpose, both were feral and just kind of happened.  Anyway, Boo the topic of this post has been with me since she was born, and was deserted by her furry mom, when she went off to have another litter of kittens.  Being a feral cat, I was never able to catch mom long enough to have her spayed.  So Boo, sleeps on my bed and usually on my pillow.  At night she likes to come sit on my chest and she puts her nose to mine.

Another one of her favorite things is to bring me critters that she catches from outside.  Right now, we are up to about 5 geckos and 1 snake.  Most of the time, these are dead by the time I get to them, but not always.  She really is a sweet cat, but I’m not really looking forward to the snakes in the house, or the birds that she likes to bring in either.  It is a very rude awaking to hear a bird going ballistic because a cat is eating her in the bathroom.

Have a great weekend!

Alpha Mom

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